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contemporary music - solo


Ajax, Henrik

Antiodromea (2007)


Berio, Luciano

Sequenza XIII (Chanson) (1995)


Brandt, Christopher

Sonata 106 (2003)


Cage, John

Variations I (1958)

Dream (1948)


Camilleri, Charles

Concerto for accordion and string orchestra (1968) 


Cilenšek, Johann

Rondo pensieroso (1987)


Clift, Paul

presence, absence, degree for accordion and live electronics (2015)*


del Rosario, Conrado

Elusive Dialogues (1991)


Frank, Andreas E.

Art Brut I for accordion and electronics (2013/14)*

Art Brut XI - Eternal Happiness (2014)*


Gubaidulina, Sofia

De Profundis (1978)


Gysin, Beat

Babylon (2011) for accordion and tape


Huber, Klaus

Ein Hauch von Unzeit (1972)


Huber, Nicolaus A.

Auf Flügeln der Harfe (1985)


Jokinen, Erkki

Alone (1979)


Käser, Mischa

welcome to the photo gallery of Mr Henri Cartier-Bresson (1998)*


Katzer, Georg

En avant!-Où? (1986)


Klein, Lothar

Esercizi (1980)


Lazcano, Marcelo F.

Equilibrio (2014)*


Lee, Hope

and the end is the beginning (2007/08)


Lindberg, Magnus

Jeux d'anches (1989-90)


Micheli, Edoardo

Serenata (2014)*


Müller, Knut

Fury, a face on fire (2014)


Nordheim, Arne

Dinosauros for accordion and tape (1976)


Nørgård, Per

Anatomic Safari (1967)


Olczak, Krzysztof

Manualiter (1977)


Olsen, Paul Rovsing

Without a Title, op. 72 (1972)

Padrós, Jaime

Sechs Variationen (1960)

Pidgorna, Anna

Light-play through curtain holes (2009/10)*

Ralli, Eleni 

Circle Around the Edge (2014)*

Schmidt, Ole

Toccata Nr. 2, op. 28 (1963)

Toccata Nr. 1, op. 24 (1965)

Sciarrino, Salvatore

Vagabonde Blu (1998)

Seely, Zachary M.

pre-composition iii (2020)*

Steen-Andersen, Simon

Next to Beside Besides #3 (2003/05)

Tiensuu, Jukka

Spiriti for accordion and orchestra (2005)

*world premiere

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